Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not much to blog, but...

Maths - yup - Joel only got one wrong in his revision test today & that meant ALL his word problems were correct - we're getting somewhere :) !
English - yup - nice journal entry from Joel today on 'our garden' :)
Science - yup - ongoing experiment on moving molecules (dying water) + weather project which involved an experiment to show how warm air rises (more food colourings is water ) note to self - need to buy more food colourings!!
History - nope - tomorrow
Cookery - yup - made chocolate/plain shortbread 'windows' (so that's also science, maths, hygiene....all rolled into that too).
Had fun
- Yup! Played Othello with Joel today (thinking & reasoning) and let the kids play for ages on 'Arthur's thinking games' (Boo) & 'Jump Ahead Yr2' (Joel) - so that's IT too I guess :)
- bought a book in the works today that'll help Joel draw better cars :)
- another nice book from the works today to do some basic mapping skills with Boo in Sept.
PE - yup swimming, ballet, clubs - done!
Social Development
- yup - we have our usual crowd around come Friday.Handwriting - yup - started Boo on Getty Dubay Book C today. I'm not sure that she shouldn't be using Book B really, but I don't have it, so she started in book C and as she seems to want to keep her lettering smaller anyway it might just be OK. It certainly seemed to please her today and what she did looked good. She understood the shoulders, waist, bottom (feet) bit really well and I really think that will help her remember what size her letters should be. It really is a VERY good scheme isn't it?! So that's a new 10 minute daily for her schedule

aaargh - just lost half my post, but I'm too tired to repost now - it's way too late. Suffice to say we have been having lots of fun outside school too!

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