Friday, June 16, 2006

Busy People Kind-of Day

It’s been a really busy day today. First it was Friday group, with lots of Mums & Tots here today. Thankfully it was a gorgeous morning, so we all sat in the dining room whilst the children all played together beautifully in the garden - all 14 of them (ages from just one right up to 9!). I was a bit how I imagine it would be if I ran a playgroup!!

Then after lunch I had promised the children we would go to the library, so we dutifully did, accompanied by my friend Sue and her two boys also. We spent a little while in there. I set the children a target of no more than 5 books each this time. That’s always more than enough and I do have to get them all home! I also borrowed a couple for Jake that I hope will spark him to read a bit more readily. One of which was a Horrid Henry book and he seemed thrilled with that choice (

Once that deed was done there were a few errands to run in town (bills, etc…) before rushing back to send Joel off to footie with his friends and take Boo off to swimming with me. I have done so much walking today - that weight should be falling off me! (I’ve lost about a stone in all so far ( ). Boo is doing well in her swimming, putting her face in and looking good on her back. Joel loves his weekly football. He reckons he score 8 out of his teams 11 goals to night, but I think that might be a bit of  a tall story on his part, although I do imagine he is quite good - and he is left footed!!

Tea, six kids to bed, plan the weeks menu, blog and I’m wiped!! It seems to have been a day full of people today and my bed is calling me - maybe even a book to fall asleep with...


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Katy said...

sounds rather lovely.