Saturday, February 13, 2016

Abbie's 15th Birthday & A Late Winter Walk

As promised ~ a birthday blog for my beautiful 15 year old!

Her birthday itself was set to be a bit busy with all the usual Wednesday evening things, plus the addition of her and myself going to a Lent Bible study in the middle of the day. But she requested to open her cards and presents in the morning and then go out for a walk, and as it was a lovely bright, crisp winter's morning that's what we did ~ and then rushed back to cook lunch and be ready for us to go out for 1pm. I'm glad we went though ~ we all felt it was great to get some fresh air in our lungs. We'd have walked around The Moss if it hadn't been so wet lately, but we knew we'd be up to our knees in mud, so instead we stuck to the concrete this time. It was still lovely though, and the children all enjoyed stroking the local horses :D


On Thursday evening we had pizza and watched Cinderella (the newest one) together (Abbie is a huge Disney fan!) ~ and had cake!!

Happy Birthday my eldest princess ~ I hope you enjoyed this one!

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