Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Way it Looks from My Side...

So, I thought I'd take some shots myself and show how it looks here, when everyone is busy doing their thing. A selection of shots, taken at a number of points on three different days... If you hover on them, I've added descriptions to most of them.

Abbie has her own little spot in the room. If it's cold and I haven't lit a fire, she sometimes brings her duvet down and makes herself cosy. 

She doesn't move much from this spot some days, except to eat, or maybe do a bit of work with Chip. She's working really hard this year and seems to be quite enjoying her subjects. Although today she asked if she could drop one of her Alison courses as it was just "too boring." I don't mind ~ she's in charge of what she learns this year and she is no slacker.


She is enjoying working independently and today did a beautiful piece of art, just working straight from an image on her laptop screen.


Phoebe is also trooping through her work. She too seems to be mostly enjoying what she's doing and I seem to have got the levels right for her this year. She is LOVING her Zoology studies - especially as she gets to do it all by herself. 


She has also taken to spending significant amounts of time drawing animals, following tutorials on You Tube to produce some lovely pieces, that have required a lot of perseverance. The leopard above is this week's work.

Lilo is working well too. Still struggling along with some things and wouldn't say she 'enjoys' learning much, but she does just get on with things these days. I'm hoping one day she will find something she loves and then she will enjoy it all a bit more. There are things she does that she does like, but certainly it's more of a slog than a labour of love for her.

DD is hard to capture, as he likes to rise early (around 7am) and set to it as quickly as possible. He is usually done by, or just after lunch, every day. Some days he powers through 3-4 hours of work in a morning and is almost done before I've finished my morning chores! But recently he has decided he wants to learn to cook, so I've managed to catch a few shots of him busy in the kitchen last week and this...


Stitch is beginning to settle into learning a bit better. He starts when he feels like it (today was gone 10am) but allowing him control over his comings and goings seems to be ticking his bucket now. He does snippets of this and that here and there and buzzing about like a bee in flight, but he does seem to be getting his hours in over the week. This week he has decided he wants to learn Spanish and must have spent about 3 hours on Duolingo. He is now spouting badly pronounced Spanish phrases at us randomly and is talking about going to Spain (en Famille style) in a couple of years time. I've told him his behaviour has to settle and calm before I could send him to stay with another family for any length of time, but otherwise I'm not averse to the idea. We'll see how long the 'phase' lasts, but it might...
It's funny how things sometimes come full circle in this life isn't it? Way back when Jake was Stitch's age we used a number of CGP resources. Jake didn't like them much and I wasn't much enamoured either, so we moved away from them. However, this year I dug out some of the Science 'Project' Workbooks I had left over from way back then and offered them as an option to Stitch. Well, he has absolutely thrived on them - the style and layout just suits him perfectly and he asked for more. He also asked if CGP did write-in English and Maths books (he doesn't much like textbook-exercise work). He had been asking for write-in workbooks for English at the beginning of the year and CGP hadn't crossed my mind, but when he mentioned the idea I said I would look for him. So, now I have bought him some CGP workbooks for English and, at his request, Geography and History too. I decided I'd prefer him to stick to Conquer Maths for Maths because it's more comprehensive and just easier all round to keep him up to speed and see where he is at - and he only complains when he's stuck on something challenging, which he would complain about in a workbook too! He seems very happy with his additional work and, to my surprise, has just added it to his selection of choices without removing anything else. So this week he did some textbook work AND some workbook work. Score :D

Chip is NON-Stop! He is like an ever-dry sponge, constantly looking for what to learn next and much as I love that, it is EXHAUSTING! To help me (and him) keep a better check and balance on what he's up to each week I've made him a mini-skool smiley chart, with just a few things on that I would like to cover each week (if we can). A bit of number and letters work and some quiet 'reading' (aka looking quietly at a book by himself) each day, then however much computer time, art, cooking, playing games, physical activity he wants to squish in to all the rest of his time (all day counts).  The quiet reading bit he is yet to master as he really likes to be read TO, and doesn't like to be alone, but I'm working on it as I think it will be valuable to both of us ;D. Meanwhile here's a few moments from his week.



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