Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Art, Cookery & Science

This week in art we looked at colour value. It was a fairly simple lesson. Stitch had a bit of a melt-down over the drawing, but he got there eventually and then did well with the painting.

For Cookery this week we made butter biscuits. They were super simple and super-yummy! No decorating this time ~ they didn't need any enhancing :D. It's nice that my children now know that tasty things don't have to be iridescent colours!

Joel's science has been about osmosis this week and involved soaking an egg in various liquids over the course of three days & measuring it's girth each time: vinegar for 24 hrs (to soak off the shell), sugar solution for 24 hrs (home-made), and then purified water for a further 24 hrs. The result one seriously pudgy egg, which exploded in the sink shortly after being measured! I think he said it swelled by just under 3cm in total. 

It's half term this week, so the chids are chilling, and I shall be busy trying to get as organised as possible for Paul & my's upcoming Kenya trip. I can hardly believe that in 3 weeks time we will be there ~ sweltering in tropical temperatures! I'm excited and nervous in equal measure. I think I'm most nervous about the whole airport thing ~ crazy really, but I've never flown as an adult, and Paul has never flown anywhere other than Southern Ireland. It's a bit more serious if you catch the wrong flight, than if you catch the wrong train!! I'm sure we'll be fine though :D

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