Friday, January 09, 2015

Happy New Year ~ 2015


This year has begun with frost, but no snow. 

The arrival of our Spielgaben set ~ at last!

The removal of Abbie's braces from her teeth,

And the starting of our family challenge to cycle, on an exercise bike, the distance to Kosele, in Kenya ~ 4272 miles ~ in 60 days. At the beginning of March Paul and I are going to work at for 3 weeks. We need sponsorship ( ~ We are VERY excited!

A good start so far! :D

We're not yet back to HE properly, because I had some marking to catch up on, and the house needed sorting after Christmassy-ness ~ and we just weren't ready, so we've had a clear up, play and wind down kind of week. It's been lovely :D ~ 'GUBS' anyone?

Back to it on Monday then!

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Jill Harrison said...

and happy 2015 to you. It looks like you have lots going on in your family. and they look like they have so much fun! Enjoy!