Saturday, December 06, 2014

Frosty The Snowman...

A bit of an art catch up... 

We didn't do any official art last week, so the children just did whatever they fancied doing. DD started an intricate colour-by-numbers that's sat on our shelf for a very long time & Stitch coloured in some wildlife pictures. Minnie sewed (I think), Joel skived and I can't remember what Lilo and TP did! It was chilled and lovely for that fact :D

This week we were in a more Christmassy/wintery mood, especially as it was SO cold that we had to light a fire

little bit of winter art by the fire was in order! 

I printed out a choice of activities from my usual haunt, and this is what we ended up with;

Joel's (unfinished) watercolour snowman

DD (9)'s pencil coloured snowman

Stitch (7)'s pencil coloured snowman, on blue card.

Lilo (11)'s painted snowman

My chalk pastel 'soldier' snowman (on blue card)

Abbie's Sticky-note snowman story

And TP did some fancy lettering on a card she has hidden away for a week or two!

In other news Chip has developed a love of cutting just recently. I've never taught him how to use scissors, but last week he just started chopping! He chopped up LOTS of scrap paper into tiny little bits, so this week I thought we might as well direct the activity a little more constructively and see how well he is doing at the same time ~ here's how he did (with very minimal direction from me).

This little man is all about dexterity skills ~ such a contrast to Stitch, but I suspect he will bring me challenges in other ways ;)


Jill Harrison said...

colouring, cutting, pasting...such wonderful childhood persuits for winter. My friend is running doodling workshops. I intend doing her next one.
Have a wonderful week Caroline.

Caroline Hampton said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE doodling, but time is not often favourable :-(. I hope you enjoy your workshop!