Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Day Lilo Picked Up My Camera...

So the other day Lilo asked if she could take some pictures with my camera. I set it up for her (pretty much put everything on auto really) and off she went. I took a couple of shots of her playing with it around the garden  and then I  completely left her to it. She received no tips or advice from me and I wasn't really expecting much worth keeping tbh. 

I uploaded them tonight ~ and was VERY pleasantly surprised! She seems to have a very natural and imaginative eye :D. 

Here's a few of her best and a link to the rest. ~ this is purely HER work! I have only done a little uber-basic processing in LR (to add a bit of sharpening, vibrance and contrast, as, because they were shot RAW, they were rather flat).

Middle click any of the pictures to see them bigger (in a new tab) and CLICK HERE for the link to the rest of the set.

I think perhaps I have another budding photographer on my hands :D


Zoe said...

They are fab :) especially love the welly boot one! Well done Lilo :)

Lynn said...