Monday, March 03, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday TP

Being as my daughter writes her own blog these days you might want to hop over and have a read of her take on the day, but as it was a normal working kind of day, and as all she had really asked for a gift this year was money (possibly to go towards a tablet) it was hard to know how to make her day special, but I think in the end she had a nice birthday. 

She arrived in my room about 8.30 with her duvet and pillow and set up camp next to me for a cuddle! I loved this and I suspect she was keenly aware that her childhood, and times for this, are ebbing away. It's right that we should both make the most of what is left of the little girl in her :D

We chatted a bit and decided that today should definitely include a hair dyeing session! She'd been keen to dye her hair for some time and I happened to have some henna in the cupboard, so we figured this would be a great way to mark the day a little.

It came out beautifully :D

Whilst she waited a couple of hours for the henna to take, she and several of the others played a game of Seafarers (Catan), but TP very quickly saw that she stood no chance because, despite it being her birthday, her plans were kiboshed right from the outset and she just couldn't make a go of it, so she ducked out after and hour or so, with the excuse that she needed to wash the henna out before she went TOO red!

Then I think she just pootled about until Paul came home. Her chosen tea was open steak sandwiches (cooked in balsamic vinegar and honey) with garlic mushrooms & tomatoes, rocket & other salad things. It happens to be one of my favourite meals, and actually something we all enjoy, so tea time was lovely ~ joined by my Mum & Nanna too. Eaton Mess for pudding and then time to open cards and presents.

She ended up with about £85 so that will definitely help her tablet funds! Paul bought her a bouquet of Roses and Tulips and I had bought a fresh supply of elastics for their Rainbow Loom. Minnie also had been into town, and bought her a set of bangles. She seemed happy enough :D
To top the day off, Paul surprised her with having bought Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, so evening was rounded off with a late night in front of a movie.

I think we did OK in the end! :D

And because I know you will read this TP ~ this last bit is especially for you! ...

Happy Birthday TP ~ We love you very much princess xxx

Just remember sweetheart ~ you will never be 12 again, so make the most of this year and the little girl you still have inside you just now  ~ enjoy her ~ don't rush to grow up, or wish her away ~ your adulthood will last a lot longer than your childhood, so don't be in a hurry to get there!! All toys are still OK (even those ones you've told yourself are too babyish ~ they're not ~ and actually they never will be!). We have loved the little girl you have been, we love you just the way you are right now - emerging into a beautiful young lady (inside and out), and we will continue to always love you - unconditionally - into the future of who you will one day become. xxxx Mum (& Dad).

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