Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little Art Update and A Birthday...

Our Jim Dine 'mixed media' art came out well :D 
We didn't follow the instructions to the letter, but the results are pleasing.

Minnie and Taz chose to do a different piece of work, so Minnie's is acrylics and Taz's is gouache. 
Both are lovely I think :D

Left to right; Stitch (6), Minnie (13), Taz (15).

Top to bottom;
Lilo (10), DD (8) & TP (almost 12)

Here's some other bits of art that I don't think I've documented either 
~ these hearts were TP's work with wax-relief the week before last... 

...and these Lego Starwars people are just something Taz did in his spare time :D

And this week - on Monday - I became the mother of three teenagers!
I can remember when I thought about these teenage years and they seemed so far away. BUT, in just 15 months from now, Jake will be officially an adult and TP will be a entering her teens too! It hardly seems possible.

The difference 2 years makes ~ from young girl, to young woman really :-(

She started the day opening presents and cards on my bed with lots of on-lookers (as is our family tradition). She had put this watch on her wish-list at Christmas (which was when I bought it, and put it aside), but had forgotten all about it, so when she saw it she was thrilled :D ...

And she had her heart set on this dress from Joe Browns since it went in the sales after Christmas ~ she was super happy to have it on at last :D

Along with '13' in this house comes Facebook, and all the privileges of more internet freedom. It's scary for sure, that our children our so publically 'out there' these days, but I have to accept that this is the age they are maturing in and they need to learn to be savvy and wise within it. I figure at home, with me is the best place for them to do that ~ under my watchful eye (and I am watchful) and guiding hand. I have had to make sure I keep up with it all for the sake of my children, and I am glad that I have done that mostly ahead of them. Jake is now at a point where he knows more about some internet related things than I do, but in MOSTLY I am still a step ahead of him ;-) May it always be so (or at least may I always keep up!). So, the morning (and a good portion of the day tbh) was spent setting her up on Facebook, finding her friends, posting and tagging pictures, etc... ~ you know the deal :D

Usually Minnie cooks lunch on a Monday, but being as it was her birthday she didn't, and as she had another ballet show in the evening she wasn't even going to get her 'chosen tea' (another family tradition), so I asked her if she fancied pancakes for lunch! She was very pleased with that idea, so we had savoury pancakes (garlic chicken, rocket, cheese, tomatoes ~ you choose the filling), followed by sweet ones (chocolate sauce, Nutella, golden syrup...). It made everyone happy ~ including me! :D

Early evening she set off for her final ballet show of the year ~ excited, happy, sad (that it was all going to over very soon)...

Once Paul arrived home with her at almost 9.30 he then decided she could sit and watch Les Miserables with him (and Jake & Taz), so she didn't get to bed until gone midnight!

All-in-all she says she had a lovely birthday and we crowned the occasion with a delicious Chinese take-away yesterday for her special meal (her choice instead of a party this year, as it cost almost as much!)

Happy Birthday Minnie ~ Love you SOOO much!

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Michelle said...

You do write happy blogs :-). Art always looks fab too. x