Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mondrian & Not very much else..!

First things first ~ our Arty blog bit...

Last week's study was Pete Mondrian ~ he did paint an eclectic mix of styles, but is arguably most famous for his blocks of colour, so that's what we went with (and, of course, it's the easiest to do too!)

So here's this week's offerings - which look rather fabulous all collaged together!...

Above, as you read; Minnie, Lilo, TP, Taz, Stitch, DD
Below is mine.

Tot-School ... (just a snippet) involved playing with the 'moonsand'. We haven't had this out for a LONG while as it is SO messy, but Chip thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and did so for a very long time ~ so I guess it was worth it! :D

MInnie has spent a good deal of the last two weeks making these ~ entirely by hand ~ for sale at church, to raise money for our Youth Mission Fund. If they sell well, she is considering setting up an Etsy shop...

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