Thursday, October 24, 2013


On Monday we took all the chids to Techniquest (Wrexham). They had some KS4 science workshops going on (which they actually do monthly), and I had booked the oldest three in for some. Sadly though I got the times mixed up and we missed the Biology one, which all three were going to do :( . In the end Bugs and Taz did the chemistry one and enjoyed it, but Taz was disappointed to miss the Biology one because it was on reflexes, which he has been studying recently at home. Bad Mummy moment!

All the same, we all had an interesting and fun day, with lots of hands on discovery for everyone and no-one was bored at all :D

Nothing more to say really... we rounded off the day with MD's for the chids and a curry for Paul & I. 

Tomorrow Taz turns 15!
Friday the four oldest & Paul disappear off to The Gathering 2013 for the weekend. It'll be quiet round here for almost 3 days!!!  If you scroll down and watch the video there's a few faces in there you might recognise!!

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