Thursday, September 12, 2013

Impressions of an Impressionist

Well we're almost at the end of our first proper 'week back' after the holidays. It's been good, but I'm exhausted by it all already ~ or perhaps it's just all the 'other' stuff that comes with term time that has hit me like a brick!

Anyway, today was 'ART' day and we took a little look at Monet. Here's our re-creations. 



Minnie & TP



All of us!

There's a couple more to come, but they're not quite finished yet :D

We used watercolours, mainly because I don't have any oils or any canvases! That said, I definitely think impressionist 'dabbing' would be easier to layer with oils. All the same, I thought the children did really well with this (and was quite pleased with mine too). Minnie, thought she would be useless at it, but actually hers turned out really well too ~ once she got going she was fine :D 


Michelle said...

They are brilliant!

Nikki Wall said...

They look good!

I need to practice painting as I lack confidence (we don't often break out the paints here).

(Having a nightmare commenting on your blog using OpenID stuff :( Have had to give up and use google - which I'm trying to avoid :( )

Caroline Hampton said...

Hi Nikki ~ I like watercolours because they are relatively painless!! ;)

Regarding the OpenID sign in, I'm sorry, I don't have the answer (shrugs). Just curious though why you don't want to use Google sign in?

Lynn Blair said...

Those are so beautiful. Pastels are a huge favourite in our house- - they're so forgiving!

Caroline Hampton said...

Hi Lynn, we like pastels too, but because they smudge they don't 'store' well & using hairspray to fix them does dull the colours, which we don't like. So watercolours are often our go-to :D

retriever said...

Wonderfull pastels!
,☸ ...nice fotos!!...☸ڿڰۣڿڰۣ
Have a nice day
Greeting from Belgium
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