Monday, March 04, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday TP

TP is my other February girl.

My two big girls are so close in age,
so far apart in many other ways.

They are the best of friends -
They need each other.

I love that!

Non-identical twins -
Born a year apart!

TP - petite


Pink & girly -

With an edge of tom-boy!

A go-gettter -
Who started out shy.

Wacky, Crazy,
Graceful and Strong

She's a brilliant second Mum -
The one Chip chooses over all the others.

My beautiful mystery.

I love that she is still so much my little girl -
I can cherish her childhood for just a little while longer.

In a blink my eye this year too, will be gone -
This year that will change her:

Leaving nothing more than the remnants of the girl she is now.

I hold her future in my closely guarded breath.
Her adventurous spirit will carry her far - I fear -

I pray she stays close until she's ready to fly!

Happy Birthday my Princess! :D

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Nikki Wall said...

Belated Happy Birthday to her! x