Saturday, April 21, 2012


To all my readers ~ especially those that pray, but even those that don't usually ~ please do!

This Sunday we want to make a huge rumble of international prayer at heaven's gates, as we pray for my friend's son.

You can read her blog here.

This week they received the 'Worst Possible News'

And then Esther posted the most amazingly inspirational post about their fight to keep their beautiful little boy.

PLEASE join us ~ please pray for Daniel (aka Scooby) ~ he need's God's miracle!

And please repost and pass-on, I know Esther will be grateful for everyone who is willing to PRAY!!


Dear God, we know YOU have the victory either way ~ Daniel belongs to you!
But Father, his family would really like to keep him.
Please let them.
Please lay your hand so firmly on Daniel's disease and irradicate it from his brain and body,
so that he may live a long and healthy life.
We know he already loves you Lord, we know you are his friend.
Father be his healer too!
In Jesus' precious name, we pray.

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Deborah-Lynn said...

Hi sweetheart, I too am praying for Daniel. I find myself waking at odd hours to pray for him. I see you popping up and thank God for all the fab support around the family---but it's not enough, Lord. Esther is such an inspiration, and teaches us such wisdom about trusting You, LORD, NO MATTER WHAT> But, Lord, we stand with Esther and Richard and say, "Please, Lord, can they keep him?" Lord, I know Your will is perfect even when it seems cruel, Your love is true even if it seems cold-hearted, and You never leave us even when You seem distant. But please, Lord, let Esther keep her son. I dare to ask You, because You understand. You gave up Yours, out of love for us. xx