Monday, January 09, 2012

Ignoring the Fact...

...that I haven't blogged since October! Maybe another catch-up post is in the pipe-line, but meanwhile, here's tonight's thoughts, which nearly went on G+ /Facebook, but got a bit long for that!

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That's it then...Christmas is over for another year. The beautiful tree is stripped bare & gone, soon to become fire wood - when it will leave us with it's lovely pine-wood scent in the air, just to remember it by :( The decorations are down and the toys have found homes. I fear there may be tears in the morning ~ we all really LOVED having a real tree this year - it was such a treat :D.

Before the Great Unwrap

269/365 ~ 35mm Bell

Not only that, but the holidays are over too, and it's back to 'school' tomorrow. Am I ready? Well, the marking is done (all except one boy's History, which I will just have to do tomorrow evening now), but all the same probably not! I still feel like I left my tail somewhere back in mid-December!

In some ways I look forward to getting back into routine, but another part of me loves it when the children play games together, and make sketches together, and do silly stuff that there just isn't usually too much time for.

The big boys have been getting on better than they have in I don't know how long ~ even choosing to spend time 'playing' together with Knex today - involving seeing how spectacular a mess they could make of each other's creations when they smash-crashed them into each other in mid-air - and making mini-clips of it all!

The girls have spent endless hours since Christmas day playing extremely detailed (and very messy) games with their ever-growing collection of Sylvanian families. The school was this year's addition to the mix.

We have my Nan staying with us while she waits for sheltered housing, and DD has delighted in enlisting her to play endless games with him: from Uno, to Top-Trumps, to Othello ~ she's most often willing and more often free than I am :D

Lunchtimes have been extended by the addtion of this in the kitchen,

Little Chef's Place to be

...meaning that now we have waiters and chefs serving us real, and pretend, lunches and the whole affair is double in length-of-time, but so much more fun!

I am grateful to have had this month ~ it's been a LOT of fun. But I know that sooner or later the fun will run out of it all and then the melt down will happen, so back to learning it is. Although, I say that, also knowing full-well that this month there has been plenty of learning taking place amongst the fun ~ just learning of a different kind :D

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I'll do my best to blog again in a few days ~ and fill in the gaping hole between October and now!

But ~ to everyone listening ~ Happy New Year! May 2012 be your year of happiness & fulfilment of dreams ~ home grown and God given!

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