Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Veg Patch Update

It's been a REALLY successful year chez the Hampton veg-patch. Considering I didn't pre-pot hardly anything (and what I did faired no better than that which I didn't), but just bunged it all in my newly dug-over soil with a 'wait and see' approach. I've not been mad crazy with the weeding and I even neglected it for two solid weeks in the summer whilst on holiday (during which my neighbour thankfully watered it well for me as there was so little rain :D). 

We have had SO many courgettes it's been impossible to eat them all. I've given MANY away, a few have rotted in the fridge and they are STILL being picked!! I'm hoping the one I picked today may be the last. I've about 9 in the fridge atm!

The beans (french and runner), despite wondering at one point if we were to get any at all, have been copious, BIG, and tasty :D We've chopped them up and hidden them mostly in stews (as the kids aren't keen) and again, given a stack away. I'm still picking them and they are STILL flowering a little!!

The carrots are still in the ground ~ they are ready now and I shall pick them when they are next needed for a meal. Next year I will plant these differently as they have really been our only 'not so good' produce this year.

The radishes sadly grew enormous, whilst we were on hol's, so were harvested en masse when we got home, mostly given away and the tops made into soup in this house. They were really too big and woody to be enjoyable. Next year...

The peas ~ again I grew too few and in the wrong place. They got swamped by the Courgette leaves, so next year will require a re-arrange of the plot, now that I know more what I am doing!

And lastly our pumpkins. These have been a joy for the children to watch and they are really excited about harvesting them ~ very soon! There's 7 in all, some are only very small, but there are a couple of really good sized ones too :D. Here's a couple of pictures I took of them today;

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