Thursday, February 11, 2010

Park Fun

After yesterday being such a bizarre day in term of weather ~ snow, sun, hail, sun ~ today was beautiful and sunny all day. The kids got up this morning and got on with their school work very nicely. I laid in WAY to late, having stayed up till the early hours hunting through old photos for last night's post and then making party invites for the girls party later this week. So when I eventually arose ~ driven my a cup of coffee courtesy of Taz :D, I announced to all that we were going to quit school for the rest of the day and head off to the park for some fun together. So that's what we did ~ took bikes, scooters, football, rounders bats and ball & frisby and headed off. We had a really lovely time together playing rounders and a version of french cricket ~ that's the advantage of big families! :D Even Stitch joined in - he has a fantastic over arm throw and can even hit the ball a little bit, although he does tend to hold the bat upside down and throw it as the ball hits! I also played a little footy with him and was amazed at his dribbling skills - fast, straight and accurate :D
At around 4 I call Paul to see if he wanted to join us. He was just leaving work and essentially (at least this is how I read it) said he would join us shortly. We stayed in the park another hour, by which time it was beginning to get cold and the light was fading. Still no Paul. I gave up as the children were beginning to get cold and we headed home. When we arrived he was already there! I was a BIT annoyed, but he claimed he hadn't said for sure that he was coming... In my mind he hadn't said he wasn't, so he was! A Mars and Venus moment me thinks!
Anyway that was our day, except for me out to music practice tonight ~ it feels really good to be singing again :D
Pictures from today over on my 365 :D


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my! What a day! We are dealing with that snow and sleet too! Today was sunny and bright. There is so much snow though. It is just amazing. And they say more is coming... Oh. No!

Buckeroomama said...

Every time we comment on how much snow you guys are getting or my son sees pictures of snow, he would always say wistfully, "I wish we have snow here." :(

Have a great weekend!

Trudie said...

What a wonderful day! Such a precious gift to be able to spend quality time with the kiddos!