Sunday, January 03, 2010

Creeping UP!


I just noticed that I now have 40 readers on my feed - wow - that's crept up this last year! So I guess I better keep you all happy by posting now and then! :D

Already it is almost the 4th day of 2010. What did you do for New Year? This year we were due to have some friends visit, but sadly they were unwell (hope you are all better Dunnes) and so instead we headed over to Minnie's best friend R's. Her parents are good friends of ours and invited us to their party. We took food and headed over for a really fun evening with a bunch of good friends - about 30 or so I think in all. It was a really lively evening of food, games and laughter. Paul took the little ones (Tweetie, Lilo, DD & Stitch) home about 11.30 as unfortunately he wasn't feeling too well and they had begun to ask to go home. So he saw 2010 in on his own at home, putting Didicars together ready for the morning (I'll explain in a mo'). Myself, my Mum (who is up for NY), Bugs, Taz and Minnie all stayed on and eventually we got home about 2am I think!! I couldn't believe it when they were up at 9am the next day. I stayed in bed until the little ones woke me at nearly 10 (much more like it).
IMG_0011That said there was something to get up for - Christmas!! Well, you see, as we were away for Christmas we had not been able to take all our main presents with us, so we still had those to open. My mum was up for NY we decided to repeat Christmas on NY's day. So Jan 1st was Christmas #2 :D We had a lovely late-morning of opening gifts and everyone was thrilled with what they received. Pictures going up on the 365 if you want to see more. I'm trying to limit the number of photos I post here and keep them more schooly - but this is also my family blog so you'll have to forgive that I do post family ones here too sometimes! :D
    IMG_0065 IMG_0044
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Yesterday Mum and I took Minnie, Lilo and Bugs shopping to spend some (actually ALL) of their Christmas money. They all bought clothes! Bugs has such an individual and developed sense of style – I really like the way he dresses these days: purple sweater jacket, v-neck T-shirts, skinny jeans… He looks great! Minnie is also developing a sense of individuality about what she chooses and the belted, checked shirt that she chose (expensive as it was) looks really lovely on her with the drainpipe (sorry ‘skinny’) stone-washed jeans she also chose. I can’t believe though that she is wearing things so similar to what I was wearing in the mid-80’s!! Then Lilo surprised me too by choosing to spend her money on clothes. She pottered around while Minnie was being indecisive, then quietly came over to me and said, “I think I’ve found a top I like.” I went to look and found it was lovely and on the 3 for 2 rail (bonus!). She picked that out, together with a long-sleeved top and a pair of jean-leggings (jeggings apparently) and got all three for only a very little over her budget! Problem was the jeggings turned out to have a hole in -  :( – so she had to make do with a plain black pair. However, we then had to go to next to exchange a pair of jeans for Minnie and I spotted even nicer jeggings in there, so I caved and bought her them. I’m so glad I did though. She wore them today with the first top she chose and she looked adorable; trendy, but still very cute  - just how I think she should look at 6 :D
Mum is still here until Tuesday, so we are not starting back to school this week. I am not organised (still have that printing to do!) and I also have a pile of marking to go through from last term...
I DID leave the house SO neat, clean and tidy before we went away, but you'd never know it now! So, we also need to have a good tidy through at least before we start back. How did Christmas generate SO much mess, even though we weren't here?!!
Maybe when Mum goes back I will blitz through, then spend the rest of the week playing some of the new games and doing some of the crafts the kids got for Christmas. That would be a nice gentle way back into routine ;D

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