Wednesday, November 04, 2009

She Can't Read...

...but apparently she can write just fine!

Lilo wrote this today completely unprompted by me during her 'you choose' time. I only had to help her to add the 'a's on the ends of Hana & Montana. She sounded it all out completely by herself and even wrote the capital letters! I think reading is just around the corner somehow :D

Actually to say she can't read is not accurate really - she can, sort of. She can sound out completely phonic words and today read 'grown-ups' in the context of learning that 'ow' says 'oh!' She is doing fine, but I don't think she has realised until this week that she can read and that writing is within her grasp too - she was pretty chuffed with this little sentence!

DD made a leap today too - he redid a puzzle from a couple of days ago, only this time entirely unassisted. 40 pieces - all by himself!! It took him about 30 minutes and he stuck at it until it was done - major, major progress!!!

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Trudie said...

Soo cute! I am sure she will start reading quite soon!