Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Week...

Not sure why my blog posts seem to have fallen back to weekly, but it is not intentional and kind-of annoying as it means they end up lengthy and perhaps somewhat boring! Sorry folks :( But I'm going to make this brief - promise!

I'll start with Tot-School stuff. Easier by picture post :D
Firstly Nat and Caleb enjoyed some Reader Rabbit time together (in Jake's study).

This is all the smaller ones working together on the 'little red table'; maths for E and Pre-reading 'odd one out' stuff for C. He is really good at it and I am constantly amazed at his observational skills. Maybe this comes from not being able to communicate clearly for so long: he has spent a lot of time observing the world!! Just look at that pencil grip too :) OK - so he needs to drop the second finger under, but not bad for a 3yo!

Then one afternoon N decided that skittles was a good game and amused himself for ages with this activity. I was in the room and he was quite happy to let me take pictures and say "ready, steady, go!"

For the others it was a pretty normal kind of week, back to the books and routine and generally more settled. We even finished chapter one of SYRWTL Spanish together - at last!! I wonder how much they will all remember and carry into chaper 2 ?! I did take big J to one side on Monday night and chat to him about attitude and responsibility towards his work and amazingly he improved for the rest of the week. I have also given him Study Skills to work through in the hope that it might help him understand himself a bit better. He has already started making himself smoothies for breakfast :)

On Thursday we took at trip to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and met up with a few other more northerly HE'ders - at least that was the idea. Sadly, as some of them had eaten on the train and we had not, we had to stop for lunch which meant we spent too much of the rest of the day chasing their tails :(. All the same we did say Hi briefly and we did get to spend lunch time with the Off the Pathers - which was nice :) And to boot we did have a lovely day, the kids all had fun and I think they learnt something!
This picture is my lot of sewer rats!! The rest of the pics can be seen by clicking the mini-album below..

2009_01_29 MOSI

So I reckon that's about it for our week - nothing too exciting really, but at least a little out of our ordinary :)


Kirsty said...

was lovely to see you all, sorry it felt like it was a little chasing of tails.

Caroline said...

that's OK :)