Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keeping Busy...

I find the best way to keep the kids from bickering is to keep them busy, but that usually means spending money...sigh...
Today we had to visit the dentist late morning, so after we were given the all-clear (smiles all round) we went into town for some lunch - not a cheap affair with 7 kiddies! Then we walked up to Stapeley Water Gardens (Jake's idea) and spent a couple of hours in The Palms. It's a reasonably cheap place to go as it only cost me £20 for me and seven kids to get in (N was free + I had a voucher for one other). Natty toddled around most of the time and thoroughly seemed to enjoy the fish, although he has not been himself the last couple of days. He is off his food, which is so unlike him, and I think he might be teething as he is just little more grizzly than usual. The highlight was probably the bay meerkat (very cute) and the spiders seemed to hold their interest today as well. Personally I love the lizards - I would SO love a lizard! I've always wanted one since I was a kid, but P says no :( The kids seemed quite keen on the idea of doing the stick insect thing though, so we might give that ago next year.
P met us and we had a look at some of the tents on sale. We liked the look of some of the big Outwell tents - any thoughts? They are a bit pricey, but we are thinking family hols for years to come so might be worth investing, IF we can raise the cash!
Kids were wiped by then so P ferried us home in 'the bus' and the boys pedalled home as they had made their way ahead of me on their bikes (tee-hee - it was raining & I got a ride!!).
Now going tent browsing online :)
Photos to follow - only they are phone pics as I forgot my camera, so they likely won't be that good.

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