Saturday, June 07, 2008

Event of A Life-Time

Well, the deed is done…Paul is officially now (of of Monday this week) the 'Reverend Paul Hampton'! If seems 'WOH' to me to think that I married to a Rev' and yet in so many ways it I'm not that surprised or phased by it - yet!! I guess only time will tell what a challenge his calling will be to us all. For now, we are pootling along, but I know that won't last forever - it can't - life's not that easy!

We have been away at the Elim annual conference this week (which is where P was ordained) and we all had a fantastic time J !! The kids were nearly all 'catered for' which meant they were all (except Natty) off, busy doing stuff in their own groups for a few hours each day. Jake we hardly saw from morning 'til night - he was with his friends (old and new) most of the time. In our free time we swam, played in the park, did crazy-golf, shot snooker, dived around in the soft-play centre, kicked a football around, threw the hover-disk about…and generally enjoyed each other's company. It was especially special by the fact that Paul's Mum and Dad joined us - which meant the kids got to spend a week with Nanny & Grandad and also made the whole kid-sharing thing a lot lighter J. Spiritually - I think I need time to assimilate everything…it's a lot to absorb. I need to read over my notes and read a little more around them, but I know that what I drank in this week was good wine!

It's been a strange three weeks really with Jake because he has simply not been around much; first school residential at Min-Y-don, where he had a fabulous time it seems J Then Energi Youth Camp (Church Camp) where he had an equally excellent time and had a real experience with God, such that HE BECAME A CHRISTIAN by his own confession - A-MEN - HALLELUJAH - sorry, but I get SO excited about that bit!! J And then this week were he has had a mixture of great fun and Christian teaching to consolidate his decision. And all the while I've not seen much of him, but I've been able to see the emerging man in him through a window of opportune independence - and I like what I see J! It's going to be hard for him readjusting to 'family' life again I think, where he is not so free to do his own thing due to the nature of his actual age and family dynamics, but needs must and he must, so I guess the next week or so might be tough for both of us (brace myself!!)

Back to the grindstone on Monday - with a bunch of tired kids I'm not sure we'll get much done in reality, but at least it will stave off the echoes of "I'm bored" which I'm sure will rain down otherwise!


Jan said...

Wow, Congratulations Rev Paul. :)

Elle said...

Congratulations - you must all be very proud. Elle