Friday, March 21, 2008


Well the autumn term is already over and the summer term upon us. As we drew this term to a close we spent the last week contemplating the Easter story. My girls especially seem to have grasped ahold of it this year and this morning I woke to Christmas music, for lack of Easter music. It seemed they really wanted to hold something of the specialness of today - Good Friday. We talked about it is called 'good' when something so sad happened and we chatted about why we have eggs and bunnies as symbols of Easter when they are nothing to do with Jesus. Perhaps next year (I was too late this to think of it) we will do a 'meaning of Easter' lapbook (or such like) to help prepare us better. Meanwhile, yesterday we made these from an idea on TeachArtAtHome (I really like this website). They came out really well. To see the close-ups go to my picasa album.

And Ellie did these and is very proud of them J

Then the other big event of the week is that Caleb had his first haircut! Here's the before & after pics!

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