Monday, May 28, 2007

A Little to 'fill you in"!

I'll post all the 'details' on my birthstories blog, not that there's really that much to tell. Nathaniel is gorgeous - peaceful and quiet (so far) and feeds like a dream. I ended up having in him in hospital, but only because there were not enough midwives to cover a homebirth on Saturday night. They had enough staff on duty for a normal night, but an unusual number of women in labour and a few with complications. That left one m/w to each three women - and certainly none spare to leave the hospital! Anyway, all went well and I was home before I was missed by any smalls. Other than none of them getting to watch, which was a bit disappointing for P & Joel, everything was fine and the amusement of a new baby has more than compensated J.

I'll post up the story sometime tomorrow. Too tired tonight.


katy said...

sounds lovely but such a shame there were no "spare" midwives around for you to have your home birth. Dare I say better luck next time (wink!)

Philippa said...

Congratulations! You must be so pleased that it all went smoothly apart from your home birth. I should imagine you hardly need a midwife by now!! Nathaniel is beautiful and what a wonderful name!