Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another OK Week

The reading mission presentation evening was nice. The kids were very chuffed to receive their certificates and ‘gold medals’ (Jake really believed the guy when he said they were real gold - how gullible can a nine year old be?!) I was expecting them to get a prize, because I thought some of you had said that your kids did, but no - no prize other than the fake medal! Just as well the kids thought that was what I meant by “a prize” really :)

Abbie completed a half terms worth of Yr1 MEP maths in the past three weeks and next week we’ll start on MPH 1A - I think she is more than ready now and will enjoy it more for having done some solid ground work in Miquon and MEP. The first bit should be breeze for her I think.

Joel wrote a nice little story with the help of some ideas for ‘Igniting your Writing’ - about an A5 side of paper. It was a bit of a push to get him to write that much, but after he got over the idea that it wasn’t optional he knuckled down and did quite nicely - and got a good sense of achievement at the end of it too :) For some reason he always seems to get half way through a story and give up (about half a side). I know it’s common at his age to jump to and ending, but all the same he needs to be encouraged not to and this time he made it. Hopefully next time it will be easier. I just need to make the next time not too far away to keep up the momentum.

One more week to go (which nicely gives me time to tie of ‘materials’ in science and Joel to finish PM2B - hopefully) before we take our first quarter-term break and have a “Yes” week. I’ve told the kids it’s not a free-for-all week, but one which I want them to fill with a variety of activities of their choosing and I will endeavour to say “yes” as much as I possibly can. Idleness is not an activity and will be rewarded with ‘tasks’ so they had better keep busy! Play is allowed a bit more than a usual school week, and even educational TV might be an option some mornings (but not all), but it is essentially not a free-play week, so much as a free-thinking week ;-) So I am expecting lots of Hama, painting, playdough, Lego, Knex, Geomags, trips to the park (weather permitting) - that kind of stuff..! Probably means lots of mess too, but hey - it’s meant to be a chill-‘n’-learn time, so I’m not going to worry too much. Hopefully I will have some more quality time to spend with the tinies too, whilst the biggies are occupied with their own activities. And I also hope it will set us all up for a fresher three weeks before half term. It’s amazing how quickly even Boo gets worn down. Three weeks in and she is flagging come the afternoons. I don’t how they keep going in school - or how I ever did for that matter. I do remember feeling very tired and flat some days and feigning illness so I could just sleep and/or get time-out from the busyness of the classroom in the sick-bay under stairs (that was in ‘junior’ school, when I was 7 or 8 - my Mum worked at the time and could not collect me).

Jake has been difficult the last few days - very explosive. Tonight’s funniest quote said in his fit of rage was; “You are the worst parents I have ever had in my whole life!!!” At which point of course P & I could not contain our laughter - bless him, he couldn’t see the funny side of it very well! Tonight it was all over misbehaviour at the table (slamming cutlery, complaining, rudeness, etc…) which led to him missing out on his cake, flying into a rage, begging to be allowed it & not winning, screaming shouting, stamping and so on and so on. He’s quite scary when he gets like that actually and I find myself having to comfort the littlest ones at times. Tonight it was Caleb stood looking stunned outside the door as it was slammed in front of him. Jake adores the babies and would never deliberately harm them I know, but I don’t want them to grow up afraid of him and he really does loose control of himself at times. :( When he eventually simmered right down he could see the irrational disproportionate nature of his behaviour, but he still thought we ought to have given him the cake despite his attitude - because he “hates 2 day old food and won’t want the cake tomorrow!” - somehow I think he just misses the point of consequences, but then he misses the point of reward too!!

Ah well - tomorrow’ s a new day..!

Here’s the pics from the Reading Mission Awards. Jake as ever had to be a showman , but sadly my camera batteries were too flat to be quick enough to get a pic’ each of the others, so they are just in the group one. P & Joel front centre kneeling, Jake centre back row, with certificate on his head and Boo just in front of him smiling beautifully :)


Jax said...

hey, at least you got a presentation weekend, Big was just handed her certificate one Sat morning in the library!

Jax said...

evening, presentation evening...

Katy said...

Yes, Cheshire libraries know how to "big up" the reading challenges :-) We got the presentation evening too (with the same lady!!) but no "prizes" other than the medal and certificate.

Anonymous said...

We havent even got our certificates/medals here. After all the kids hard work too.
I like your "yes" week :o)

Caroline said...

that's cool then - now I feel really priviledged :) The kids certainly enjoyed themselves. The librarian in the corner on chair is favourite - she is so helpful to us and 'keeps' stuff if I tell her what we are studying atm :)

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

You must have felt very proud. My two didn't do it this year but I remember the last two years seeing them go up onto the stage at our local theatre to collect their certificate and medal and feeling very happy for them. Well done! I've been reading the Lapbook section on your blog, what lovely examples you've posted. Think we'll give them a shot as they certainly make "work" look more interesting and appealing. Elle at EFT