Friday, May 26, 2006

Me maybe?

This is pretty good, except my glasses aren't green and my hair is almost always tied back. otherwise not bad...

Might need to work on the kids another night - but I've been wanting one of these for ages, only without the usual £2 charge (or more!)

I thought I'd copy Jan and do a little Caleb update too, as he hits 1 year old in the next couple of weeks!

So...He is already taking a few steps on his own and loves nothing better than to 'run' between two people. He crawls at rapid speed and is up the stairs in flash if he can get the chance! He says 'Eddy' - the name of a little shaky head man he plays with at nappy-change time and it's really the only consistent word he has. He understands masses I know - "no" and "splash" being very obvious examples :) He also loves to join in with any shouting that is happening in the house (in fun or otherwise) and I can see a very bossy streak creaping out as his personality develops. He is strong and fearless and pain is not an issue to him ( he gets so many little knocks from the others that it's just part of life). He didn't even murmur when he had his last DPT jab at 10 months, just looked a little affronted and then you could see him thinking "OK -so that's another thing that hurts - fair enough!" I think he will be difficult to stop once he's set about doing something. He plays beautifully with Ellie and there is a very strong and obvious bond between them. He is adored by all the others too, despite his loud crying at times! He now sleeps from 8 - 7 most nights and only occsionally wakes for a few sips of juice in the night. He eats pretty well - loves finger veges and with my new healthy diet gets a much more varied selection than any of the others did at his age. He is very funny at times and I think he will have a wicked sense of humour - if he copies Ellie he certainly will have - she is so witty! He is really cuddly and affectionate too. I guess I see him as a sort of Jacob type kid, but with a lot more cuddles, affection and need for approval built into him (Jacob never really wanted cuddles that much and still doesn't, only rarely - he'd rather go to bed on a high five!!), but hey - who can really tell just know.

I love watching my little ones develop into people, but they do it so fast! I really can't believe I am the mother of a 9 yr old techno-wise boy already, with only two more primary school years ahead of him and that my baby boy (Joel has always been my baby) is heading towards Junior years all too rapidly. He went to football with his mates tonight and scored a goal on his first time there! No need to say he wants to go again!! Another date for the weekly diary - it's getting hectic - we NEED to drive like NOW!

Abbie has her pre-primary ballet exam at the beginning of next month too - like I say - growing up too fast! She is doing really well in her swimming too - best in her class from her mother's perspective ;)

WOW - how's that two posts in one day and a bit of blog hopping - I think it's called avoiding what really needed to get done today, but then... there's always tomorrow! :)


Jan said...

afaik, we've nothing much on the week after next. posting from Jax's today, still no internet. Would be great to see you then. I'll check the calendar when I get home and give you a ring.

Deb said...

I love those all-the-kids-piled-together moments - they just feel so good! :-)