Thursday, April 27, 2006

Very Briefly..

It's been a pleasent start to term. Joel wrote a very short poem today about Easter - he asked to write a poem, but it was VERY short - more like a haiku really, only he doesn't know about those yet!

Abbie seems to have blossomed over the hols and read a level 1 ladybird book to me today with little trouble :)

Phoebe did some beautiful over-writing of her name - concentrating on correct letter formation atm and working up to being able to write it independently. She is very neat and gets the 'start at the top' rule really well :)

Even managed to re-cap the battle of Jericho (history) before we move on with that. Fortunately that was easy as it's a story they all know well and so I could squeeze that in at the end of the day!

I went out with some friends tonight - very nice although I suspect a bit non-diet happy, but hey - so I took a night off in a month!

Jacob had his first trial at the swimming club tonight and got in, although sadly it's not the better club as that was going to be a legistical nightmare - I hope he may be able to transfer at a later date, like when Paul can drive, if this is not challenging enough for him. He seemed to enjoy it though and was full of chat as I was going out the door. I guess I'll hear the full details tommorrow!

Took some gorgeous pics of the kids in the garden today too - i'll post those up tommorrow now though as it's geting WAY too late and I do have school happening tommorrow - I can't quite get out of holiday mode!

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