Saturday, March 18, 2006

Who said we can't do art in this house..?

We drew these on Tuesday. After a little talking through how to smudge and how to use the pastel effectively the children did these gorgeous drawings and if I'd had more black paper they'd have kept going with it too. They loved it (so did I!). The ones above are Joel's and the ones below are Abbie's. Mine is a the very bottom. Phoebe did a gorgeous one too, but then scribbled on it and ruined it :( We had a chat about how Mummy can only keep the very best pictures that they do because there are so many children and that the not-so-good ones end up in the bib in the end. She understood and has since been trying really hard to do very good drawing - even at playgroup :)


Jan said...

Those look great - I always love looking at the artwork you do with the children.

Caroline said...

Thanks Jan :)