Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holidays ...

Or should I call it quarterly catch-up. I seriously neglect this blog these days. I MUST sort that out...

But for now I'm joining in with Merry's Home-ed day in pictures (seeing as pictures are what I do most of these days!).

Only we aren't doing 'school' right now, as we are stopped for summer ~ well the formal bit is stopped. But at the beginning of July we headed off down to Weymouth for a fortnight, where I fooled the kids into thinking we were on holiday..! ;-D

Here's just one day  ~ I'll do the others another time.

It's started a bit like this... kids playing games, while others showered and breakfasted ~ no hurry!

DD, TP, Taz & Bugs all developed a bit of an obsession for chess of late!

Then we headed off to Blue Pools

This is a disused clay mine that has filled up with rain water and changes  colour. It was beautiful walk and involved lots of pond-life 


& dragonfly watching...
It was interesting trying to spot the different types of dragon-fly and distinguish them from the different kinds of damselflies! I have never seen so many in one place before.

It was also a good opportunity to get a photo of the big (silly) 5.


This place is also home to the 'Wareham Bears' ~ which of course the girls & Baby loved.

We had a lovely lunch there and then headed on down to the beach at Swanage ~ which we all instantly fell in love with!


But being on the beach is not all about swimming in the sea...


Our kids like to dig,


But not sandcastles (they hardly ever build those)...

They like to change the course of the water inlet ~ build their own rivers.

One thing that was interesting this time was that when the tide changed, so did the 'draw' of the water and the amount of noticeable erosion that occurred on the 'river' banks.


Of course, the whole beach things was a totally new experience for Baby too...


He warmed to the whole thing more as the week wore on, but he was much less nervous about it than some of my others have been. 

Bugs & I had a play with some perspective photography.



And he took the opportunity to do some acrobatics on the sand!



As the day drew towards tea-time we headed down to the 'pier' for some fish & chips and pretty much stayed until sun-down. We had to make the most of such a beautiful day ~ the weather for the rest of the week was set to me 'changeable' (to say the least).




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Anita Johnson said...

I'm sitting here drinking coffee on a cold fall day in Wisconsin (Midwest, USA). I can't quite figure out where you live, but it looks beautiful...your pictures tell a story of fun family times...I love the landscape there too. So many wonderful places to visit...thanks for letting me travel with you!